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Greetings from Rowena!

I am the owner and operator of Rowllermaid, a 20 year-old business providing professional home duties (i.e. - administrative tasks, organizational cleaning, certified fitness training, childcare/dog walking/errands as well as vegetarian and kosher meal preparation) for moms, dads, and people with disabilities.

I've also participated in the Pallotta TeamWorks Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride - a 600 mile bike ride across Alaska raising money to fund the development of a very promising AIDS vaccine. It turned out to be an incredible success! We were able to raise approximately four million dollars! While I was able to raise 1,700 dollars selling kosher dog biscuits in Brooklyn, at two for one dollar, they weren't exactly a lucrative business, (despite a certain Labrador's opinion): The remainder of the 3,900 dollars was earned "begging'" for loose change from riders and friends in Fairbanks.! Boy, were they generous!

This time, at 40 and wiser (better trained in bike and body, and also discovering that training to ride 500 miles at 10 degrees Fahrenheit in hail is easier than asking people to buy $3,900 in dog biscuits!). I am following the success of two 600 mile Aids Rides and many sales of "Bark Slope" kosher dog biscuits with the South Africa Trek 2002. We've only just begun! Please help in any way you can.

My commitment to the eradication of AIDS is so strong that I am also a volunteer in the vaccine clinical trials.

In April 2002, the South Africa Trek will travel 75 miles from Cape Town to ameliorate the aids vaccine efforts where they are most needed. I need all the help and support I can get! WALK WITH US! Please contact: Pallotta TeamWorks at 800 825 1000

We only go around once - why not in well-heeled shoes! In this way I am able to satisfy the yearnings of my heart and to further my commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, and know that I have fulfilled my "mitzvah" (good deeds). I dare to get involved because I care.

So enough about me--Let's talk about you! Step up to the plate with me. You can be one of my sponsors or can join me in Africa. Either way  It's a mitzvah--A walk of your life! To contact Rowena: 718 965 8554 --- dba Rowllermaid - "Name the task-just ask!"

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To Contact Rowena: rowllermaid@hotmail.com

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